Changing the Landscape

‘Changing the Landscape’  in Glasgow North East

In November 2015 at my ‘Six Month’s On’ public meeting where I reported back to my constituents on my first 6 months as the MP for Glasgow North East, you told me that improving the poor state of the public spaces in Glasgow North East was a priority for the constituency.

So I appointed two of my interns, Gary McPhail and Rami Zaatari, to work on a community project to do just that:  Changing the Landscape.

As part of the project we arranged a public meeting, which was held on the afternoon of Saturday 28th May 2016.

We also conducted a survey on the public spaces in Glasgow North East. The results were very clear. We all want change. We want to take back our parks, to restore them to their former glory and to take control of  our land to create great spaces (both indoor and outdoor) which the whole community can enjoy.

We want safe, beautiful parks and attractive community buildings that can be a hub for the many existing local community groups and hopefully many more to be establised in the coming years.

At the public meeting varied groups and individuals stepped forward to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the area.

The inspiring Jim Hope of Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) spoke at the ‘Changing the Landscape’ event to tell us how he, as a ‘dirt under the nails engineer’, dared to dream big so that both he and his team could help their local community in Barmulloch. And… dreams really do come true. BCDC were the first ever urban company recipients of the Scottish Land Fund Award this year. The Scottish Land Fund supports rural and urban communities to become more resilient and sustainable through the ownership and management of land and land assets.

An award like this  can help communities take ownership of the land and buildings that matter to them, as well as providing practical support to develop their aspirations into viable projects. For BCDC this funding means they can purchase the former All Saints Church in Broomfield Road, Barmulloch and take forward their plans for developing it and providing much needed services for the local area.


Changing the landscape poster FINAL


My team and I are meeting with many other members of the Glasgow North East community who have begun to identify specific plots of land or derelict buildings that are badly in need to regeneration and are ripe for the picking. It’s time for action people of Glasgow North East.

Do you want to see your public parks in better condition?

Are you tired of seeing derelict buildings and wasteground?

If you need help or a little guidance on how to set up a community group or to access the funding required to make changes please contact my constituency office.  We offer a Fundraising Training Service.


Let’s work together on Changing the Landscape.