Community Stars

Why we LOVE Glasgow North East

Communities are shaped by the people that live in them, and Glasgow North East is full of inspirational people and groups that are working hard to build a better future for everyone.

I am tired of negative comments about our area. I love Glasgow North East. I want to spread the word about the stars of our community and will be featuring a different group or person each month on this page.

If you know of someone who you think is a community star, or a group that is doing stellar work or even a company that provides great employment and decent wages, let me know by emailing:

You can nominate any community group, organisation or individual that you think has made a significant contribution to Glasgow North East.  The only criteria is that they do have to be living/working within the constituency (you can check on They Work for You).  Include the name and contact details of the organisation, and a short paragraph on what makes them a community star.

I’ll start with a voluntary  group and an organisation that are working wonders in Glasgow North East: