Community Spirit

The communities of Glasgow North East are the reason that I am now an MP. My main role is to ensure that these communities and the residents are enabled to thrive and prosper.

To this end I have held public meetings to discuss how we can use the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act. This government backed initiative is designed to give local communities a greater say in the way they want their community to be run.

Overall, the Act will help to empower local community bodies through the ownership or control of land and buildings, and by strengthening their voices in decisions about public services.


The Act does this by extending the community right to buy scheme, making it far simpler for communities to take over public sector land and buildings for the community good.

In addition to the Act, the Scottish Government Community Choices Fund also seeks to amplify the voices of local residents within their community. The fund, which has an extra £2 million investment available, opens up opportunities for other public bodies and community groups to apply for funding to run  community events and activities.

What’s more, the Fund will be prioritised to those communities in Scotland that need it most, giving real power to local residents to make a difference.

My team and I will be working in the community within the coming  months and years, looking for local people within Glasgow North East who wish to make a real difference to their area.

Please get in contact and have a decisive voice within your community.