Fundraising Service

Fundraising Service

I am aware that there are many local community organisations and voluntary groups providing a lifeline for local people in Glasgow North East. Sometimes the only thing getting in the way is lack of funds and that can often be because everyone in the group is so busy carrying out the day to day work of their project and nobody has the time, or sometimes the skills, to find the funding necessary.

As your MP, I will always prioritise practical support for communities. As promised during the election, I have employed a fundraising professional who can support you to achieve your fundraising goals.

Graham Campbell has been working with several groups in the GNE constituency over the last few months including Ruchazie Poverty Action Group and Just Us Like in Milton. He has a long track record in fundraising and in training people to fundraise.

So, I’m inviting community groups within Glasgow North East to book a one-to-one fundraising session.

Most groups will require two fundraising training sessions – at the end of which they will have completed at least one funding application and should have a basic fundraising strategy that they can then develop and implement.

My biggest motivation as an MP is to see our communities not just surviving but thriving.

I look forward to working with you to make sure that happens.

You can contact Graham by emailing or calling the office on  0141 404 6232.



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